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At Total Network Engineering (TNE), we understand that the ever-changing IT landscape can present real challenges for your business; from its day-to-day running to its growth and development.

Operating at the forefront of the Business IT industry, TNE offer comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for all of your business IT needs; from the installation and maintenance of innovative, efficient and high-quality IT environments, to the delivery of exceptional customer service and professional expertise.

Working with business of all sizes, we offer productivity through innovation to enhance your business’ efficiency, performance and growth.

Service Area – Bunbury and South Western Australia

Products & Services

Business IT Services

TNE’S Business IT Services keep your IT environment running smoothly at all times. Our services, maintenance and support ensure maximum efficiency and minimum downtime to enhance business performance and growth, whilst avoiding disruption to your business.

Managed Cloud Services

Cloud computing outsources IT systems and functions to a provider who owns and manages the infrastructure. The entire system is then made available to clients via the internet. This enables you to access your business’ data, resources and environment at any time and place, as long as you have an internet connection.

Cyber Security

Cyber security refers to the protection of IT environments from cyber threats and attacks. Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, innovative and frequent, meaning the implementation of effective cyber security is vital to ensure continued business operations.

Managed Communications

Unified communications refer to the equipment, software and services that integrate and facilitate the utilisation of multiple methods of communication. At TNE, our unified communications services simplify and streamline your business communication structures, by implementing a shared infrastructure that merges all data, voice and video communications.

Our Partners

TNE have supplied and recommended the following trusted brands for many years. We have partnered up with world-leading information technology companies in order to provide our clients with the best IT solutions possible.

The dedicated TNE team are IT professionals and solution specialists who keep it simple, honest and efficient.

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